While we’re closed…

One by one we’re sewing masks for our brave healthcare workers. Please give us a wave if you pass by our store!

Published by ukdesignersale

I organize fashion pop up sales events in and around Toronto, Ontario. Every item is a one off individual piece that I've sourced from London, England and they're mostly hand made by sewers in the London design studios! There's so much variety and newness and at very affordable prices. We'll be posting all the information about our up and coming sales and venues so sign up for my blogs and become a 'UKFashionista' !!

10 thoughts on “While we’re closed…

  1. Hi Teresa,

    I’ve waved at you(?) toiling away on the masks as I go for walks. Keep up the good work!

    Regarding purchasing masks:
    Is it possible to select a colour or pattern of the masks ordered?
    Is it curb side pick up at the store?
    How long does it take to get the order turned around?

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Nora – thank you – and my husband has become an excellent sewer over these last few weeks!!
      If you give us an indication of the kind of color you’d like – we also have solid black, grey and khaki – usually it takes a couple of days depending on the fabric we have in but if you email us at ukdesignersale@gmail.com with the quantity and size we can give you a day to pick up store curbside! The sizes are medium (ladies) and large (men’s)
      Stay safe!


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