We love British fashions at UKDESIGNERSALE so much that we’re bringing the latest and most fun creations right here to Toronto – because they’re all samples, purchased from London, England – each one is totally unique and special!

Almost every style is individually designed and sewn in little studios in and around London, destined for selection by the major brands – some make it and some don’t! It’s an amazing opportunity to purchase lovingly designed and sewn fashions that you won’t see anywhere else, plus they’re all ethically made by well paid sample makers. Some of the designs too, can be very adventurous – they truly express the designers freedom of creativity!

We have a variety of sizes , most are size smalls and mediums, but because they’re different brands they again are not standard – Also UK sizing is different to North American so a size 6 Can is a size 10 UK, a CA 8 is a UK 12. Just remember there’s a 4 size difference – best to take as much as you can to the fitting room and just experiment!

The prices are fantastic too – only $15 for any top, skirt or pant, $30 for any dress and our beautiful British wool coats are all individually priced!

We pop up all over Toronto so ‘Follow Us’ and join the UKDESIGNERSALE fashionistas for special deals and preview events: http://www.facebook.com/groups/UKDSfashionistas/


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  1. Happy my friend told me about this sale! I got 4 dresses and a skirt! The price is great too! For sure, I will go to your sale in future and bring my friends with me. 😊


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