We love British fashions at UKDESIGNERSALE so much that we’re bringing the latest and most fun creations right here to Toronto – because they’re all samples, purchased from London, England – each one is totally unique and special!

Every style is individually designed and sewn in little studios in and around London, destined for selection by the major brands – some make it and some don’t! It’s an amazing opportunity to purchase lovingly designed and sewn fashions that you won’t see anywhere else, plus they’re all ethically made by well paid sample makers. Some of the designs too, can be very adventurous – they truly express the designers freedom of creativity!

We have a variety of sizes , most are size smalls and mediums, but because they’re different brands they again are not standard – Also UK sizing is different to North American so a size 6 Can is a size 10 UK, a CA 8 is a UK 12. Just remember there’s a 4 size difference – best to take as much as you can to the fitting room and just experiment!

The prices are fantastic too – only $15 for any top, skirt or pant, $30 for any dress and our beautiful British wool coats are all individually priced!

We pop up all over Toronto so ‘Follow Us’ and join the UKDESIGNERSALE fashionistas for special deals and preview events: http://www.facebook.com/groups/UKDSfashionistas/


75 thoughts on “Home”

    1. Hi Cristina,
      Because all our fashions are totally unique and ‘one-offs’ I can only give you an idea of what we have had at our recent sales. Our stock sells very quickly, before I even have a chance to photograph it. If you go to the ‘Fashion News’ page on our website you’ll see items for instance that I photographed for the March newsletter. Hope this helps!


    2. Hi ! I have been to your sales many times. Love the clothes!
      . Are you going to have a sale soon up here in Newmarket?
      Thanks Kath


    3. next week only open at Sheraton hotel for weekday, but after work will be too late, is it possible have the sale during weekend.


      1. Hi Linda, normally we always host our sales on a Friday & Saturday at the Sheraton Parkway but unfortunately they are so busy during the Summer that they couldn’t fit us in. We’ll be back in September so you can hopefully catch us then!


  1. Hi there! What sizes are available since this is a sample sale? I would really like to go but don’t want to waste gas if my size is not available. Thx,


    1. Hi Michelle,

      Our sizes are mainly Cdn 8, although we do have a small selection of larger items 10-16 and again a small selection of 4-6. As these are all samples the bulk of the stock is cdn 8 or medium. However there is a good variety of items that are slightly larger or smaller depending on the design and the brand.

      Thanks for your interest.



  2. hi there, i am looking for a very fancy evening gown (long) to wear at my brother’s wedding. I am a size 6/8… do you think the royal york event would be worth attending, would there be a lot of selection?


      1. It’s on Friday and Saturday this week in the Tudor Room at the Royal York Hotel 11am-7pm Friday and 10-4 Saturday


  3. Hi Clem & L.,

    I was at your sale yesterday early in the morning and tried to squeeze my size 12UK bottom into a beautiful distressed leather pencil skirt and embroidered crop pants which were both in 10UK. I know the chances are slim, but do you have any more? I’m related to a neighbour of yours who has been a devoted fan since the beginning so picking it up would be easy for me, if it is not too inconvenient for you. Thanks very much!



    1. Hi M,
      We’re keeping our eyes open for similar styles but as you probably know they are all one offs. We’re at the Delta in Mississauga right now and we’re opening up quite a few boxes today so I’ll be in touch if I see anything!


  4. Any chance of one more sale this fall (2013) downtown at the Royal York??? We need one more chance to buy our Christmas & New Year’s outfits!!



  5. When do you anticipate your next sale to be? I missed all of your last few because I was out of town and I’m dying for some of your nice clothes!


    1. Hi Angela, I’m about to put the postings up on our Home page but our next sale is on the 1st & 2nd March at the Sheraton Hotel in Richmond Hill, 6th & 7th March at the Royal York Hotel Downtown, 28th & 29th of March at the Sheraton Hotel Airport Road, and 18th & 19th April Delta Meadowvale Hotel Mississauga. All our new stock is in and we’re raring to go – just want to see an end to this cold weather first! Hopefully we’ll see you at one of these venues, Teresa


    1. We’re at the Sheraton Parkway Hotelin Richmond Hill next weekend:
      Friday 30th Sept 10am-6pm
      Saturday 1st October 10am-5pm
      Sunday 2nd October 10am-4pm
      ..in the Markham Room downstairs.

      The Royal York Hotel in downtown Toronto in the Tudor Room:
      Thursday 6th October 11am-7pm
      Friday 7th October 11am-7pm
      Saturday 8th October 10am-4pm
      Hope to see you there..


  6. Hi

    I bought a hot pink dress at your event in Hilton hotel in Mississauga on Saturday September 17th. When I got home, I couldn’t find the dress. Did I leave it at your cashier counter?

    Thanks so much,



    1. Hi Linda,
      I’m sorry to hear that – it can get a little frantic at the till area – perhaps someone else picked it up because I don’t remember seeing it there.
      Are you able to make it this weekend to the Sheraton Parkway sale in Richmond Hill? Our staff may be able to help you,


    1. Hi Chella,
      yes we have one next weekend at the Sheraton Parkway Hotel in Richmond Hill, Friday 30th Sept to Sunday 2nd October and the week after at the Royal York Hotel in down town Toronto from the 6th October until the 8th October – please check our home page for the times and venues,
      Hope to see you there!


  7. Hi, are you opening from apr13 to 15 at east York location?
    We’re open there until 29th April but only Thursdays 12pm-6pm; Friday’s 10am-6pm; Saturday’s 10am-5pm; Sunday’s 11am-5pm,
    Hope to see you soon!


  8. Hi Clem, I met you yesterday when I bought my James Bond dress for my party. I would like to send you some photos of Jane Seymours giclee paintings I have but I need your email address.


  9. Happy my friend told me about this sale! I got 4 dresses and a skirt! The price is great too! For sure, I will go to your sale in future and bring my friends with me. 😊


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