Help small businesses

The threat to our economy and small businesses is real if everyone stops buying. Please search out products from small local retailers and online stores wherever possible, and however small – please make a purchase. It WILL make a difference. Independents need to survive this pandemic so that we all still have choices when the crisis is over…..otherwise frighteningly – it will only be the retail giants that are left, large corporations that have the financial resources to survive.

One response to “Help small businesses”

  1. Great message! I will definitely be at your store on Queen when you are back at it. I love that you have been changing the store windows. So fun when I am out for a walk at night – reminds me that you are “hanging” in there.

    Here’s another small business to consider helping online – Everyday Gourmet. It a roaster and coffee shop that I love and they are doing free delivery of beans for orders over $50. As you say – so important for us all to do what we can to support small business through this difficult time.

    Stay well. Looking forward to being in your shop!!


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