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We love British fashions at UKDESIGNERSALE so much that we continuously bring the latest and most fun creations to our stores in The Beaches, Toronto and now in Oakville too. Because they’re all samples, purchased from London, England  – each one is totally unique and special! Our merchandise is very sustainable – we purchase everything directly from independent little design studios in London, avoiding them going to landfills – we replace buttons and mend when necessary – and we also up cycle styles that are unloved or flawed. Additionally our expertise in fashion and fit enables us to amend the fit and length in house for our customers – nobody is built the same and so we’ll do our best to make sure you are happy with your UKDS purchases!

Our fashion

Almost every style is individually designed and sewn in little studios in and around London, destined for selection by the major brands – a few make it into production but most don’t! It’s an amazing opportunity to purchase lovingly designed and sewn fashions that you won’t see anywhere else, plus they’re all ethically made by well paid sample makers. The designs too, can be very original and adventurous – they truly express the designers freedom of creativity! We encourage you to have fun dressing in our unique style!

Contact us at: ukdesignersale@gmail.com

Queen & Leuty

We’re such a creative group at UKDS with so many years of expertise in the business of fashion that it didn’t take us long to start making our own product! Many of the Queen & Leuty designs are hand made in our Beaches studio, all from local dead stock fabric and trims. With the off cuts we also make small accessories so nothing is wasted. We also manufacture small quantities of our most popular styles locally in Toronto!

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  1. Happy my friend told me about this sale! I got 4 dresses and a skirt! The price is great too! For sure, I will go to your sale in future and bring my friends with me. 😊


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