About us

Meet our team leaders! Clem and Teresa D’Souza have been involved in the UK fashion industry for over 30 years – Teresa has been a designer for some of the most influential brands in the UK (as well as her own brands) and Canada (Joe Fresh & Canada Goose). We love fashion, it’s in our DNA. Our UK design studios are all good friends and colleagues that we’ve worked with for many years – we know intimately how they work and the value they place on every garment they cut and sew – and we give them the utmost respect – samples are enormously expensive to develop (involving huge resources and teams – see below) and it’s a only small percentage of styles that actually get selected by the buyers and make it to the store. The journey of a successful style involves re-fits, re-fabrications, press samples, counter-samples, pre-production samples and size set samples – a huge amount of samples – all of which we purchase and lovingly re-home. Nothing is wasted.

Made in our London Design Studios:

17 responses to “About us”

  1. Hi there. I live in the beaches and I am really hoping you will keep your store going when this crisis is over. I really appreciate the responsible approach you have taken in closing the store – these are hard times for small businesses in our community. . Good luck! See you soon I hope.


    • Hi Myra, I want to thank you for your very kind message – we will definitely be back very soon. We want to keep the Beaches community healthy, everyone has been so welcoming, it’s like our second home!
      Please stay in touch – Can’t wait till this is all over and we’re open again!!
      Stay safe,
      Teresa & Clem x


  2. Hi Myra, I am in Oshawa also making masks and was about to drop them off the completed masks at Micheal Garron hospital. I have left over fabric and masks that are partially made with the exception of the elastics as I have run out of elastic. I can deliver masks that are partially completed and donate the remaining fabric I have to you OR I can continue making the masks and leave the elastics for you to sew on. I can stop by and drop off if you would like to make arrangements. Let me know what you think!


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