Based in Toronto, Canada, the UK Designer team travel regularly to London, England to source and buy samples for our UK DESIGNER SALES . We buy only from the best designers to the high street where the creativity and uniqueness of the London fashion scene sets them apart from the rest of the world. Nearly everything is made in the UK, tops, sweaters, dresses, pants, skirts, jackets and coats. Our prices are deliberately kept low so that you keep coming back, we guarantee you’ll find lots of lovely things.

Since 2017 we’ve be staging our very popular  ‘pop up’ boutiques in various parts of the city and recently opening our first permanent flagship store in The Beaches! We also host regular ‘pop up’ sales in top hotel event rooms in and around Toronto. Our current locations being The Royal York Hotel Toronto, The Sheraton Parkway Richmond Hill and The Hilton Meadowvale Mississauga.

Sample sales can be hazardous for the uninitiated so it’s best to plan and prepare to get the most from this shopping extravaganza! Here are some of my top tips for successful purchasing at our sales:

1)Make sure you set aside plenty of time – don’t rush it – either you’ll end up buying something you’ll never wear or overlook something spectacular and regret it afterwards! Relax and take your time – there’s a lot to see and take in. If  you can, return later too – new things are being put out all the time.

2)Avoid taking heavy bags with you  – you need two free arms to flick through the rails and check out the styles properly.

3)Get familiar with the sizes and brands. They’re all from the UK and from various high street brands so the sizing is wildly different from sample to sample. A size 6 Canadian is a size 10 UK ( so add 4), but sizing difference between brands can be radically different too – firstly “eyeball” it – does it look about the right size ? Then try it on. Most of the samples are sizes small and medium (which can mean anything!). That’s why, unlike other sales, we encourage customers to take as much as they want into the changing rooms – just within reason though please it can get very messy and out of control!

4)Make sure you’re wearing a quick change ensemble, you may need to take several visits back and forth to the changing room.

5)Check out unfamiliar or unlikely choices. Everything is direct from the UK and has a completely different look to what is available here in Canada. UK fashions are very ahead of the trends so they won’t seem familiar to you (but they will very shortly as you start to see them featured in the latest fashion magazines). I advise going for unusual and eye-catching pieces, our regular customers say they get the best comments whenever they wear our clothes because they’re so beautiful and unique. The prices are extremely cheap too so you can afford to take a risk and go for something more individual! Experiment! Of course we also have beautiful classic-cut pants, skirts, dresses and coats too!

6)The fabrics will probably be unfamiliar too since they mostly come from Europe. UK fabric testing standards are the highest in the world ( Marks and Spencer’s set the bar!), so most dresses, tops,  skirts and pants are machine washable and will withstand repeated washings too ( dry cleaning is exorbitantly expensive in the UK therefore avoided except for tailored and lined styles). The coats just in are made from European, mainly wool blends and they’re all tailored in Europe so the cut and the finish is amazing.

7) Sample prices and Canadian sizes are on the tags – tops and bottoms are $15 to $60, dresses are $30 to $120 and coats are priced from $70- $200.

7)Payment – we accept Debit, Visa & Mastercard, also cash.

So with our bumper season about to start – be prepared – we have an overwhelming selection for you and we’ll be bringing fresh new stock to each of our sales, every day,  too!


Teresa & Clem

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  1. Hi there. I live in the beaches and I am really hoping you will keep your store going when this crisis is over. I really appreciate the responsible approach you have taken in closing the store – these are hard times for small businesses in our community. . Good luck! See you soon I hope.


    1. Hi Myra, I want to thank you for your very kind message – we will definitely be back very soon. We want to keep the Beaches community healthy, everyone has been so welcoming, it’s like our second home!
      Please stay in touch – Can’t wait till this is all over and we’re open again!!
      Stay safe,
      Teresa & Clem x


  2. Hi Myra, I am in Oshawa also making masks and was about to drop them off the completed masks at Micheal Garron hospital. I have left over fabric and masks that are partially made with the exception of the elastics as I have run out of elastic. I can deliver masks that are partially completed and donate the remaining fabric I have to you OR I can continue making the masks and leave the elastics for you to sew on. I can stop by and drop off if you would like to make arrangements. Let me know what you think!


    1. Hi Cathy, we can finish them if you are able to drop them off to us at our Beaches store 2207 Queen Street East – we’re there almost every day fro 12:30pm to 6pm – just email me when you think you’ll be there ….. ukdesignersale@gmail .com


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