Dressing for the new norm: outdoors socializing

A big challenge for our new Covid Winter 2020 lifestyle is changing the way we dress. Bravo for increasing our outdoor socializing and supporting our local restaurant patios! But it will take a bit of preparation for this new chilly alternative.

Our Winter outwear is increasingly important. It needs to multi purpose – necessary for warmth and protection from the elements while still remaining stylish, (without resorting to the ubiquitous overstuffed parka uniform).
How to keep warm without looking like the Pilsbury dough Boy?
How to look cool yet cozy?
Well being a Brit I’m a pro at the art of layering. Even in Canadian minus double digit temperatures I warmly get by with my trusty wool crombie coat layered over a lightweight downfilled vest or hoodie jacket. Additionally wool has the advantage of being naturally water repellent so you can just brush off the snow.
And the fun thing is with this outdoor lifestyle is that you can literally wear a sweat shirt and bottoms underneath and no one will be any the wiser!

Joking aside, make sure you invest in good foundation layers, the best are ski base layers that you can pick up in any winter sports store. Another ‘ski’ tip is to pop some ‘hand warmer’ sachets into your coat pockets in case of emergency.

Being around so many gorgeous fashion pieces I’m really having fun imagining this new layered way of dressing. One challenge is ‘sleeves’. Piling on the layers can create ‘sleeve related issues’ so when combining different outer garments, consider mixing normal sleeves with wide sleeves or with no sleeves. Make sure your outermost layer is ‘roomy’ enough so you can still move your arms. Lucky then that for Winter 2020 the runway trend for ‘oversized overcoats’ is a big thing! Although they may seem ‘overwhelmingly large’ they can look very chic. I’m including here an image from Stella McCartney’s Fall collection where oversized is essential for outer layer fashion style. Accessorize with an oversized scarf and chunky boots and you’re ready to embrace the elements!

Chunky boots insulate your feet, plus they’re very trendy right now!

You can also try a sleeveless gilet, long or short, under or over your coat. It doesn’t matter if there’s a hemline difference – that just adds to the ‘chic and interesting’ factor. And add a large scarf or shawl on top of that.

Marc Jacobs cape

For another outerwear option that’s sleek yet warm enough to get you through the brutal weather, you should consider a cape. This type of coat may bring up the idea of superheroes (!) but it’s strongly on trend and means you can wear a puffer underneath, you can still look chic without appearing to add bulk. I like them also because when outdoor dining you can secure your purse on your lap, right under your cape!

We have a huge variety of outerwear styles and shapes to choose from – it just takes a little imagination and a visit to either our Beaches or Leaside stores! Have fun with it!

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