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Downtown sale starts tomorrow!

With all this unseasonal good weather we’ve been having don’t be left in your drab winter clothes – splash out on a whole new wardrobe at the UK Designer Sale starting tomorrow at 10am until saturday at 5pm. We’ve got heaps of new women’s spring fashions fresh from England, lots of exciting vacation-wear, prom dresses and colorful coordinates. So for very little money you can look truly individual and totally AMAZING!

We look forward to seeing you there!

From the UK Designer Team.

5 thoughts on “Downtown sale starts tomorrow!”

  1. On average, how many people show up to the sale? I just want to know if its going to very crowded and a very limited supply of clothes?


    1. Hi Karen, the amount of people who show up depends on the time, location and day of the week. The first couple of hours after opening tend to be busy and usually the last 2-3 hours in the day, but it differs for every sale! We’re opening up new boxes of stock throughout the sale days so there’s never an issue of supply and the assortment of clothes is very random so it’s always exciting to open up the new boxes of samples! Our next sale is in Mississauga on the 6th & 7th April followed by the Sheraton Parkway on the 28th April – we hope to see you there!


      1. So does that mean that the selection of dresses, particularly prom dresses, will not be big? I’m hoping to find a prom dress at the sale for my daughter and I was wondering if there will be a variety of dresses.


      2. Oh and also, what sizes are there going to be? I’m just hoping that they’re not all size 2 because that would be unrealistic.


      3. We always have a huge selection of dresses. Most of the samples are in Canadian sizes 6 & 8 which is regarded as a medium in England, but We also have samples in sizes 0, 2 & 4. The sizing differs from brand to brand so we recommend trying on everything before you buy.


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