Bollywood weekend sale!

Wow, what a weekend!

Congratulations to all of you who made it to our sale this weekend, despite what was going on downtown. We not only had a very successful sale but it was also a lot of fun being caught up in the excitement of the ‘Bollywood’ IIFA awards, what with everyone staying at The Royal York Hotel! We had a lot of surprise visitors purchasing our samples too, including the lovely Jameela and her entourage. She’s now on our mailing list!

Our next pop up sale is this weekend at the Sheraton Hotel, Richmond Hill. We can’t promise any celebrities showing up for this one but we’ll certainly do our best to make you all feel very special, and I’m on hand to help anyone who needs extra special star treatment, suggesting outfits and giving you styling tips!

We’ve got lots more new stock and again we’ll be opening boxes on both Friday and Saturday so come and enjoy your holiday weekend at our sale,

We look forward to seeing you there – and bring your friends and family too!

Teresa, Clem and the UK Designersale Team!

2 thoughts on “Bollywood weekend sale!”

  1. Shahrukh Khan is a male, and you refer to him as a female twice, huge mistake! it makes it look like you are lying to the public if HE actually did come HE was a male not a female. Makes me think, did HE really come if you do not know the sex of the this superstar?


    1. Just to let you all know that it was a film actress called Jameela (Jamil) who popped into our sale – and yes – I am aware that I know nothing about Bollywood celebrities, my mother-in-law already corrected me as well my reader (good to know someone’s actually reading my blurbs). Anyway I’ve corrected it now!


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