At the Delta Hotel Meadowvale, Club Room 3, Mississauga,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

6750 Mississauga Road & 401

April 22nd 11am – 5pm

April 23rd 10am – 5pm

We’ve got a dizzying array of new unopened boxes full of fabulous samples from our wonderful UK high street designers. For anyone who has already been to one of our sales…. and there are many of you – you don’t need to shop anywhere else, we have so much choice and variety for you and at unbelievable prices too!! – Tops are $15.00; Skirts are $15.00; Pants are $15.00; Dresses are $30.00;  Jackets and coats are individually priced and beautiful UK quality – you will not be disappointed. Because they are samples they are all unique one-offs made in the UK, the sizing is smalls to mediums (depending on the brand anything from size 0 to size 10 Canadian – remember that UK sizing is very different – a size 4 Canadian is a size 8 UK so add +4 to your size). Our latest collections have samples designed many of the best high street brands. So come and spend Easter with us at the UK Designer Sale,

Look forward to seeing you there,

Clem & Teresa

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