A March to remember!

After a very successful Fall (and hopefully UK DESIGNER fashions made plenty of fabulous entrances over the Holiday season!), we took a little break and for the last month we’ve been busy buying all our new Spring stock and shipping it into Toronto.  And now for the most exciting part ….. we’re unveiling all thoseContinue reading “A March to remember!”

Get ready for Summer!

The UK Designer Sale is back in downtown Toronto with our city sizzling fashion picks for this coming summer season. This time, because the Royal York Hotel is in full party bookings mode we’re going to be situated in the TUDOR ROOM which is on the floor above the lobby (see mezzanine floor map below). It’sContinue reading “Get ready for Summer!”

Red, white and black!

It’s nearly prom season and the best indicator of up and coming party dress trends is undoubtedly The Oscars. Here the world’s top designers showcase their most sensational creations, (mostly gorgeous, sometimes garish) to an international audience. If you’re searching for that perfect prom dress or you know someone who is, then first check out whatContinue reading “Red, white and black!”

Day to evening – get the look!

As we’re about to finish off the year with our last two sales – saturday the 3rd December at The Sheraton Parkway and the 4th & 5th at The Royal York Hotel – here are a few ideas on how to stretch your day into evening with some very simple accessories! Very similar coats, dressesContinue reading “Day to evening – get the look!”