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We had such a terrific sale this weekend at The Royal York Hotel in downtown Toronto that we’re popping in an extra sale date at the Sheraton Parkway Hotel in Richmond Hill on the 8th October for one day only (9am – 5pm).

Quite a few of you in Richmond Hill haven’t had the opportunity to see our fall coats yet and we’ve just had a brand new shipment in so we’re dying to open up all those new boxes for you!

We’re also introducing our fashion belts this season. They’ll not only accessorize your outfit perfectly but they make great gifts too!

To help you with your fall 2011 look here are a few styling ideas that the major fashion labels are promoting. I’ve put together some of the key looks, and from our merchandise you’ll have no trouble finding very similar items. Our belts are a great asset to any outfit too. We don’t sell footwear though, you’ll need to supply your own boots!


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Style tips for the UK Designer Sale!

Now that the weather’s begun to change I hope you’re feeling in the mood for splurging on a new fall wardrobe! We’ve got such amazing new fashions for the whole of September, and for very little outlay you can look absolutely fabulous! So here’s a few tips to help you with your fashion choices:

Color – make a statement!

Go for bold color!

Don’t always choose black – yes it’s easy to wear and coordinate with and it’s very sophisticated but you’ve probably already got a wardrobe full of black. With our great prices take a chance on something more adventurous – it doesn’t have to be bright either (although bright colors are huge for fall), it could be a lovely bottle green, burgundy, brown or super-chic navy.

Loud prints – big and bold

There’s a strong trend towards big splashy prints : florals, paisley and any baroque or black-and-white geometric patterns. Calm it down with neutral coordinates or accessories. Checks should be bold and oversized and look out for polka dots and animal prints too.

Skirt lengths – the long and the short of it

Midi length skirts are hot, both pencil skirts and fluid A-line shapes, but just make sure the hem reaches a point below your knee which flatters the shape of your leg. Look out for pencil skirts with exaggerated shaping or seam-lines to give you that “hourglass” look. Billowing maxi lengths are still key for evening, and look fabulous worn with a cropped faux fur jacket, and mini lengths are very on trend for that sixties vibe.

Pants – wide or narrow?

skinny pants can be worn with a mini dress too!

Wide leg pants are still in – the “70’s glam” look is trending for fall – but re-look at skinny ones too. They’re perfect to wear under the new tunic shapes (very 1960’s) and great with oversized men’s-style jackets, cable knit sweaters and cardigans – for the “Billie-Jean” look! Traditional “men’s style” tailored pants are making a huge comeback for the season so play up the masculine trend by wearing with a crisp white shirt, or by “feminizing” (aka Katherine Hepburn) with one of our gorgeous printed chiffon blouses and high heels!

Sleeves – making a dramatic come-back!

Blouses and dresses with sleeves are in. The look is covered up and retro-prim. Sleeve shapes are exaggerated – either wide shouldered, padded, gathered and vintage looking, ¾ and tulip shaped, flared and fluttery or voluminous and gathered into a tight cuff. Emphasis on the sleeves is great for altering your proportions too, making the shoulders and top half appear larger and therefore slimming the hips!


Hosiery for fall 2011

Make a fashion statement with funky hosiery,  it’s super fashionable for fall and can jazz up any outfit. If you’re feeling bold then go for patterns and prints (if you have confidence in your matching abilities then try mixing and matching printed coordinates with hosiery prints!). Solid opaques were in abundance on the catwalks too. Try solid black or solid natural with a bright coat or dress. Wear with matching colored shoes to elongate your legs.

So I hope this helps your shopping experience at our sale, I’ll be there so you can ask me for any advice,

See you next week!


The top fall/winter trends for 2011!

With all our new merchandise coming to Toronto over the next few weeks I’d like to focus on the main fashion trends for the season and the type of looks you’ll be seeing at our sales:

Fashion coats – make your fashion statement for this fall/winter by having a couple of different styles, then you can achieve a completely look every time you step outside your door! For Burberry the coat was such a key  item that there was barely anything else on their catwalk, just a steady stream of gorgeous coats! Here’s just a few of the styles, and fabrics that are surfacing: Plaids, jumbo checks, 1960’s style pea coats, emphasized shoulders and sleeve shapes, epaulettes, giant “flyaway” collars, military collars, traditional tailored single or double breasted styles, trench coat details and fur trims.

Mix and match – collaged color, pattern and texture. Either within the garment itself, by mixing multiple patterned coordinates or by using accessories such as printed scarves, hosiery, bags or shoes.

Brights – they were big for spring/summer and they’re still going strong for Fall. Tangerine, lipstick red, hot pink, purple, cobalt blue, turquoise and yellow, calmed down with neutral splashes of dark grey, camel or black. Also important is color blocking intermixed with bold black and white graphic prints.

Sixties revival– a distinct trend emerging – cocoon and shift-dress shapes, skinny pants sets, boxy coats, tulip skirted dresses, mod sweaters and beehive hair-dos! Watch out for more “Sgt Pepper” inspired military flourishes too.

Polka dots – Marc Jacobs covered everything including his hats and hosiery in dots. Printed, laminated, appliqué and knitted, any size will do.

Animal prints – now seemingly a perennial theme – leopard, python, cheetah, faux fur and metallic, in more subtle tones they are even on skinny jeans too.

The tuxedo jacket –a la Bianca Jagger. Whether worn casual and sleeveless at Isabel Marant , lacey and long at Lanvin or classically masculine at Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren.

1940’s couture – all very World War II-era Paris – long, lean “hobble” skirts, pinched waists, short jackets, bold shoulders and classic camel toppers, nostalgia and elegance. Marc Jacobs topped off this look with modern little pill-box hats strapped at the chin and Mui Mui accessorized her retro collection with matte red lips, clutch bags and hair combs.

70’s Glam Rock – another decade continuing to trend. Biba inspired maxi dresses, flared jumpsuits, stripy sweater dresses, fur trimmed blousons and thigh high boots.

Fur mania – love it or hate it, it’s big for the season. Whether dyed into bright colored stoles, edging parkas and bomber jackets or used as an accessory as per Alexander Wang with his outrageous mink wrapped sunglasses and fur trimmed metallic loafers. We won’t be selling any real fur at the UK Designer Sale but we’ll definitely have faux fur jackets and faux fur trimmed coats.

The menswear look  style is going to be particularly strong, the best example was at Dolce & Gabbana’s fall/winter 2011 catwalk show where each outfit alternated between a boy look and a girl look. The “Tomboys” wore crisp white tuxedo shirts, low slung pants, boxy vests, cropped ‘urchin’ pants, oversized evening tuxedos, “teddy boy’ coats and pork pie hats.  On the flip side the “Temptresses” wore their trademark feminine “Sophia Loren type” stretchy sheath dresses (fabulous in tiger print!), and billowy floor-length numbers in star patterns, lace motifs and pretty music-note prints.

So look out for all these trends and more at the upcoming UK Designer “pop up” Sales!


Shopping tips for the UK DESIGNER SALE!

Sample sales can be hazardous for the uninitiated so it’s best to plan and prepare to get the most from this shopping extravaganza! Here are some of my top tips for successful purchasing at our sales:

1)Make sure you set aside plenty of time – don’t rush it – either you’ll end up buying something you’ll never wear or overlook something spectacular and regret it afterwards! Relax and take your time – there’s a lot to see and take in. If  you can, return later too – new things are being put out all the time.

2)Avoid taking heavy bags with you  – you need two free arms to flick through the rails and check out the styles properly.

3)Get familiar with the sizes and brands. They’re all from the UK and from various high street brands so the sizing is wildly different from sample to sample. A size 6 Canadian is a size 10 UK ( so add 4), but sizing difference between brands can be radically different too – firstly “eyeball” it – does it look about the right size ? Then try it on. Most of the samples are sizes small and medium (which can mean anything!). That’s why, unlike other sales, we encourage customers to take as much as they want into the changing rooms – just within reason though please it can get very messy and out of control!

4)Make sure you’re wearing a quick change ensemble, you may need to take several visits back and forth to the changing room. Wear a teddy or modest underwear – our changing room is communal and we want you to feel comfortable with that.

5)Check out unfamiliar or unlikely choices. Everything is direct from the UK and has a completely different look to what is available here in Canada. UK fashions are very ahead of the trends so they won’t seem familiar to you (but they will very shortly as you start to see them featured in the latest fashion magazines). I advise going for unusual and eye-catching pieces, our regular customers say they get the best comments whenever they wear our clothes because they’re so beautiful and unique. The prices are extremely cheap too so you can afford to take a risk and go for something more individual! Experiment! Of course we also have beautiful classic-cut pants, skirts, dresses and coats too!

6)The fabrics will probably be unfamiliar too since they mostly come from Europe. UK fabric testing standards are the highest in the world ( Marks and Spencer’s set the bar!), so most dresses, tops,  skirts and pants are machine washable and will withstand repeated washings too ( dry cleaning is exorbitantly expensive in the UK therefore avoided except for tailored and lined styles). The coats just in are made from Italian, mainly wool blends and they’re all tailored in Europe so the cut and the finish is amazing.

7)Bring cash – there are usually ATM machines close by but they charge a fee so best only for emergencies.

So with our bumper sale season about to start – be prepared – we have an overwhelming selection for you and we’ll be bringing fresh new stock to each of the sales too!



Latest Fall sale dates!

Bollywood weekend sale!

Wow, what a weekend!

Congratulations to all of you who made it to our sale this weekend, despite what was going on downtown. We not only had a very successful sale but it was also a lot of fun being caught up in the excitement of the ‘Bollywood’ IIFA awards, what with everyone staying at The Royal York Hotel! We had a lot of surprise visitors purchasing our samples too, including the lovely Jameela and her entourage. She’s now on our mailing list!

Our next pop up sale is this weekend at the Sheraton Hotel, Richmond Hill. We can’t promise any celebrities showing up for this one but we’ll certainly do our best to make you all feel very special, and I’m on hand to help anyone who needs extra special star treatment, suggesting outfits and giving you styling tips!

We’ve got lots more new stock and again we’ll be opening boxes on both Friday and Saturday so come and enjoy your holiday weekend at our sale,

We look forward to seeing you there – and bring your friends and family too!

Teresa, Clem and the UK Designersale Team!

Summer ‘pop up’ sale latest!



We’ve just had our biggest delivery EVER of new tops, dresses, skirts and pants samples so our next two sales are going to be HUGE! Whatever you do don’t miss these, check ‘dates’ for times and addresses.  

Last reminder!

Don’t miss out on the next UK DESIGNER SALE this weekend at the Delta Meadowvale Hotel in Mississauga! We’ve got tons of new stock exclusive to Canada so don’t forget to pop by and check out all the lovely tops, skirts, pants ($15) and dresses ($30)

Spring dresses just arrived!

Here at UK DESIGNER SALES we’ve got lots of gorgeous new dress samples just arrived in, here are just four to give you a taster. We also have some fantastic pants, shorts and jumpsuits with very cool details, summer skirts – the new 50’s style and longer 70’s styles too, and as usual, a huge selection of tops. So come and join us in Mississauga and Richmond Hill – we’re also waiting to confirm a June date in downtown Toronto at The Royal York – we’ll keep you posted. Remember all Dresses are only $30, Tops, pants and skirts are only $15. We also have trendy men’s shirt samples (size medium samples) at only $15 so bring your slim boyfriends, husbands or sons!


The UK Designer Sale team bring you the most gorgeous fashions from our top brand designers in the UK at low, low prices. Because they are all samples each garment is a totally unique one-off and very, very special, you won’t find anything else like it. The sizes are sample sizes, everything from small to medium depending on the brand (anything from size 0 to size 10 Canadian – and remember UK sizes are different to ours, a size 6 Canadian is a size 10 UK so add +4 to your size). We’re always bringing in lots of new stock from lots of different designers so each sale is very different. So bring your friends and have fun shopping  at The UK Designer Sale !


At the Delta Hotel Meadowvale, Club Room 3, Mississauga,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

6750 Mississauga Road & 401

April 22nd 11am – 5pm

April 23rd 10am – 5pm

We’ve got a dizzying array of new unopened boxes full of fabulous samples from our wonderful UK high street designers. For anyone who has already been to one of our sales…. and there are many of you – you don’t need to shop anywhere else, we have so much choice and variety for you and at unbelievable prices too!! – Tops are $15.00; Skirts are $15.00; Pants are $15.00; Dresses are $30.00;  Jackets and coats are individually priced and beautiful UK quality – you will not be disappointed. Because they are samples they are all unique one-offs made in the UK, the sizing is smalls to mediums (depending on the brand anything from size 0 to size 10 Canadian – remember that UK sizing is very different – a size 4 Canadian is a size 8 UK so add +4 to your size). Our latest collections have samples designed many of the best high street brands. So come and spend Easter with us at the UK Designer Sale,

Look forward to seeing you there,

Clem & Teresa

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